Concrete Trade Waste Works

Works Comprised of the following:

  •   Site Establishment includes – Site Induction-Location of services to find depth of sewer– Signage – Temp Fencing – Float Shift of Machines – Set out of bund
  •   Demolition of Old Concrete – Removal of concrete and Footings including tip fees.
  •   Excavation for pad footings and Tie Beams and removal of spoil from area with Small Tip Truck to adesignated stockpile point area for removal by Tandem Tip Trucks
  •   Supply and Install Blinding instead of a crushed rock base under footings and bund, installed with asmall line pump
  •   Install Trench Grate and connect to Trade Waste Pit – allowance for Allproof industries as perattached with galvanized grates not stainless steel.
  •   Pour Pad Footing and Tie Beams –with small line pump and 32mpa concrete.
  •   Box and pour bund slab including Formwork, fixings and labour.
  •   Box and Pour 4 x 600 x 600 Pedestals – we have included the installation of Hold down Bolts Only
  •   Place Steel Mesh for Bund Base including starter bars for walls
  •   Pour Base Slab including Small Line Pump and Concure curing agent.
  •   Supply and Install Bund Walls and Pump Tank Base, Plinth after Boxing
  •   Concrete Infill with SL82 Steel – Dowels and 32mpa concrete – make good