Building Works:

  • Repair main damage cause to the north wall by the vehicle impact which compromised the overall stability of the building and its precast concrete roof slab.
  • The impact resulted in the localised displacement of both outer and inner brick skins of the north wall
  • The impact resulted in the displacement of the door frame (and through the door frame to the east wall (causing minor cracking and displacement <3mm in the mortar bed)
  • The brick panel was carefully taken down to the extent of the damage on both skins of the north wall.
  • Remove all the loose and damaged brickwork to the main damaged area. Remove the brickwork up to the precast roof slab.Engineers inspection of the inside of the Valve House to check for any unforeseen damage.
    Replacement or Door Frame before Rebuilding the brick skins and ensure a sound stepped key into the undamaged brickwork.